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 Spring Premium Package
Price: $15.99
Reduced: $14.39

A package of 20 sheets of perfect Spring colors, textures, and luscious finishes!! 

Bright White 100# x 3
Silver Laser Lustre 2 6x6
BearGlass Glimmer (not pictured)
Opal Mica/Metallic
Kunzite Mica/Metallic
Gold Mica/Metallic
Pearl Glimmer
Rose Quartz Mica/Metallic
Magenta BASIS
Pink Deckled Stationery
Gold Metallic Vellum
Copper Ore Glimmer
Mango Sorbet 100#
White Diamond
Sky Blue Stripe Vellum
Peachy Velvet Stripes Vellum
1yd Pink Quartz Metallic  Cord
1yd 3/8 Pink/Brown Reversable Satin Ribbon
2 Rose Silk bows
1 Lavender Butterfly pull bow  


This package will ship for the rate of 20 sheets


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HC and PT Spring Green Speciality Pkg
Price: $12.49
Reduced: $11.24

This is a package put together specifically for a fun blog hop with Heartfelt Creations using products from both companies.  This Spring Green package includes:

Cryogen White x 3
Heavenly White 80#
Heavenly White 120#
Whip Cream  100#
Epic Black 100#
Snow Cone 100#
Silver Laser Lustre text
White Laser Glossy Lustre
Retro Silver Lustre
Gold Sparkle
White Diamond
Ivory Grandee
Lime Mica/Metallic
Gold Mica/Metallic
Gold Mica/metallic text 
Gold Iridescent Vellum
Silver Metallic Vellum

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Laser Silver Lustre Text
Price: $0.49 - $3.99
Reduced: $0.44 - $3.59
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 HIT Paper Package
Price: $13.45
Reduced: $12.10

Silver Metallic Glossy 
Kunzite Mica/Metallic 
Epic Black/White Classic Columns 
Canyon Brown/Cream Classic Columns 
2 Hot Fudge Pop Tones 100# 
Epic Black Classic Linen 
Deep Blue Ruche 
Haviland Blue Classic Linen 
Black Ruche 
Laser Silver Lustre 6x6 
Monterey Sand Classic Linen 
White Laser Lustre Glossy
Ponderosa Pine Classic Linen 
Epic Black Thick Classic Columns 
2 Starburst Lichen Glimmer text weight 
Lambswool Grandee Felt 
Eggplant Feltweave

Picture may not be accurate since changes are made if out of stock of any of the cardstock but is replaced with equal or of a higher value cardstock.

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 Tru's Favorites
Price: $16.49
Reduced: $14.84

This package contains 20 sheets of Trudy from True's Gifts From The Heart(and PaperTemptress's Design Team) favorite cardstock! Each month a member of PaperTemptress's design team is going to pick a package of their favorite sheets.  Some of the cardstock may differ from the picture due to running out of certain cardstock.

This package contains:
Opal Mica/Metallic
Sapphire Mica/Metallic text weight 2 sheets
Punch Mica/Metallic
Hot Fudge 65#
Hot Fudge Pop Tones 100#
Cordovan Leather
Kunzite Mica/Metallic 
2 Cryogen White 89#
Ivory Leather
Nero Incandescent 
Silver Laser Glossy Lustre
White Laser Glossy Lustre
Ivory Suede
Emerald Mica/Metallic
Bright White 100#
Pearl Glimmer
Neenah Ivory 110#
Fairway Mica/Metallic

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Retro Silver Lustre
Price: $0.99 - $8.69
Reduced: $0.89 - $7.82

The only Retro Silver Lustre 80# is available in the 12 x 12 size...I will cut those down to 6 x 6 so when you buy 5 sheets you will end up getting 20 6 x 6 size....a great value!  I can also cut these sheets down to 30 4 x 6 sheets which work better for A2 cards....just let me know in the comment box at checkout...thank. you.

Laser Silver
Retro Silver
Silk Silver
Laser White Glossy 

The text weight Retro Silver Lustre is still available in an 8.5 x 11 size...

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[ 7 ] Items