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REDUCED (AGAIN) SHIPPING RATES (inside the US)! Shipping has gotten absolutely outrageous so PaperTemptress is offering a 10% discount on all products....no code needed to make up for the gross cost of shipping..


10 sheets or less $3.50
20 - 25 sheets $5.50
25 - 65 sheets $6.75
65 - 200 sheets $11.50
200-400 sheets 13.75
401-800 sheets $21.50

Shipping fees over 25 sheets automatically include $50 worth of insurance thru the P.O.


Cardstock is the paper designer's canvas so using the best cardstock is essential to creating designs that impress all. That is exactly why you will find only the highest quality cardstock at PaperTemptress.com but also every weight, color, and finish all in one place. Especially the speciality cardstock that you won't find anywhere other than PaperTemptress.com.

PaperTemptress stocks over 150 sheets of GORGEOUS speciality cardstock including Metallic, Ultimate Glossy, Velvet touch and more, 14 different colors of Vellum including metallic vellum, the largest selection of Copic Blending cardstock, and 73 sheets of textured cardstock including the Neenah Classic Cress Classic thick columns which is a very cool looking pre-embossed cardstock that truly adds that extra character to your designs.....plus there are several different weights available ranging from 65 lbs to 120 lbs....the list goes on so be sure to check out the huge selection at the lowest prices offered EVER!

PaperTemptress's newest Copic Blending cardstock Bright White 100# is now in stock...Bright White 100# has been compared with Copic Xpress Blend and liked as well but is much less expensive AND WORKS AMAZINGLY WHEN USED FOR HOT FOILING PLUS MAKES A GREAT BASE...


I HATE FLAT LOL..Adding texture to a card really adds a lot of character to your designs..soooo all textured cardstock is on sale for 25% off! There are 72 different cardstocks available with texture so time to add textured cardstock to your stash..

Textured paperlines below on sale for 25% off!


Classic Linen


Classic Columns








Deckled Stationery


Astrobright Colors

epic blackepic black


PaperTemptress is offering 25% off all of the high quality Glossy cardstock which includes all of the most popular colors available in a glossy cardstock......Plus all of the amazing ribbon and the Hambly Overlays, Screenprints, and Stickers are discounted 60%. This great sale is a perfect time to add some truly special high quality glossy cardstock to your stash to add a speciality look to your designs, Hambly overlays and screenprints, ribbon, and embellishments to your stash!


PaperTemptress's good friend Jeanie Ellis has filmed a video showcasing some of PaperTemptress's GORGEOUS cardstock...She is showing both the Silver and Gold Metallic Glossy cardstock, the Indigo Blue and Windsor Blue thin Columns, the SkyBlue Ruche, and her favorite Neenah Solar White SuperSmooth 80#..She has also filmed some of the best ways to use the gorgeous cardstock.


Gold Metallic Ultimate Glossy

Silver Metallic Ultimate Glossy

Thin Columns



I need more space BADLY so my lack of space is going to be to your benefit....ALL ribbon is 60% off !  You just can't beat this sale especially since all ribbon carried @ PaperTemptress.com is high quality ribbon, most of the ribbon is May Art ribbon which is extremely popular...so take advantage of this amazing sale quickly since there are limited supplies on most of the ribbon!

Copic Sampler Pkg

The perfect way to test the most popular copic coloring cardstock to see which cardstock you prefer!!!


Huge Sale! All Hambly Studio Products are 60% off for a limited time only! Many overlays and Screenprints have been selected to cut to a 6x6 sheet to be easily used for Greeting Card, Project Life, or Mini books. Check out the 6 x6 sizes! See amazing designs using overlays and screeprints here used for home decor, greeting cards, and scrapbook layouts! They are very versatile! All designed by the very talented Alison Kreft! 20 Screcan be shipped for less that $4.00 so perfect time to stock up on the very popular Silk Screenprints!