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 Mica/Metallics Text Package
Price: $13.59
Reduced: $12.23

One sheet of 31 colors in the text weight of the metallic cardstock line. Emerald, Fairway, Lapis Lazuli, and Serpentine Text weight are no longer available.

For a really beautiful presentation use the metallic cardstock for the card and then matching text for the envelope.

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Patriotic Variety Package
Price: $10.99 - $21.49
Reduced: $9.89 - $19.34

Package contains:
1 Solar White Thin Columns
1 Indigo Skinny Columns
1 Red Pepper Thick Columns
1 Midnight Blue Vellum
1 White Antique Parchment
1 Heavyweight Vellum
1 Jupiter Red Text Mica/Metallic
1 Lapis Lazuli Mica/Metallic
1 Gold Sparkle
1 Blue BASIS
2 Cryogen White Cover
1 Ivory Leather
1 White Ruche
1 Deep Blue Ruche

18 sheets of amazing colors, textures, and weights to add patriotic flair to any design! Perfect paper package for the amazing cards sent to our soldiers.

Here is a detailed description of the Patriotic Package Collection

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 Bouquet of Orange Ribbon Roses
Price: $1.39 - $2.69
Reduced: $1.25 - $2.42

A bouquet of a dozen, adorable, tiny, fabric roses that are wrapped together for a lovely presentation. They are stemmed with wires for easy malleability and each bouquet can be unraveled to individual rose stems if you would rather use them that way. Available in sets of 12 or 24 flowers. Perfect for any design from a card, scrapbook layout, and more!

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Pink Grand Chandalier
Price: $2.49 - $17.99
Reduced: $1.12 - $8.10
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Solar White
Price: $0.69 - $8.59
Reduced: $0.62 - $7.73

2 @ .69

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Price: $0.79 - $7.49
Reduced: $0.63 - $5.99

2 sheets @ .79 

There isn't an image for this clear vellum since it is extremely difficult to photograph a vellum as clear as this vellum is, but you can read thru this clear vellum!

PaperTemptress's vellum offers superior translucency, unrivaled folding strength, and smoothness.

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$15.00 Gift Certificate
Price: $16.67
Reduced: $15.00

$15.00 Gift Certificate for PaperTemptress.com...Directions on use will be sent once the gift certificate is purchased.

No other discounts allowed to be used to purchase gift certificates.

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Silver Metallic Glossy
Price: $0.89 - $8.29
Reduced: $0.80 - $7.46
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White Gold Elegance Butterfly Bow
Price: $1.29 - $19.99
Reduced: $0.64 - $9.99

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Pink Mini Bicycles
Price: $2.49 - $17.99
Reduced: $1.12 - $8.10
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Malermo Perle Paper Package
Price: $3.79
Reduced: $3.41

2 sheets of all 6 colors available in text weight (white is no longer available)

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Portrait Gallery
Price: $0.99 - $7.49
Reduced: $0.45 - $3.37
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 Ruche 12 x 12 Package
Price: $9.59
Reduced: $8.63

1 sheet of black, red, white, sky blue, and dark blue.

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Pink Vintage Plaid
Price: $2.49 - $17.99
Reduced: $1.12 - $8.10
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Purple Gold Elegance Butterfly Bow
Price: $1.29 - $19.99
Reduced: $0.64 - $9.99

Another bow for the Bow Challenged designer, just pull a string and it immediately pulls into an elegant bow.

Depending on your taste it may be too large for a greeting card, even so I see hundreds of uses for this elegant and very easy bow.

The pulled string is 15 inches long so can be easily attached to most designs.

Available in 1, 5, 10, or 25 bows.

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Pink Grandma's Wallpaper
Price: $2.49 - $17.99
Reduced: $1.12 - $8.10
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 Glimmer Text  Package
Price: $7.19
Reduced: $6.47

2 sheets of Alpine Aster, Beargrass, Juniper Berry, Mountain Rose, Starburst Lichen, Silver Ore, and Spring Larch.

For a really beautiful presentation use the glimmer cardstock for the card and then matching glimmer text for the envelope.

This text weight is perfect for any of the digital cutters since it is a lightweight paper.

A great paper for embellishments or die cuts such as flowers or butterflies!!

Highly recommend it also for paper piecing, it adds very little weight to the design.

Dry embosses like a dream.

Photo shows a Copper Ore and Autumn Hay which are no longer available.

TIP...Ink dries slowly when ran thru an ink jet printer so pour embossing powder over it, heat it with a heat gun for a great embossed digital image. Works great for sentiments!!

Photo shows a Copper Ore and Autumn Hay which are no longer available.

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Grandee Felt Package
Price: $3.09
Reduced: $2.78

One sheet of Balboa Blue, Black, Charcoal Gray, Greenbrier, Tartan Green, and White. Teal no longer available but is pictured.

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1/8 Emerald Glamour Cord
Price: $0.79 - $3.99
Reduced: $0.39 - $1.99

1/8 Emerald Glamour Cord

Available in 4, 10, or 25yds

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Urban Frames Kraft
Price: $2.39
Reduced: $1.08
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Pink Le Romantique
Price: $2.49 - $17.99
Reduced: $1.12 - $8.10
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Brockway Cardstock Package 2
Price: $7.49
Reduced: $6.74

2 sheet of each of the 6 available colors. Please see the decked edge stationery paper category to see available colors.

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 HC and PT Spring Pink Speciality Pkg
Price: $12.49
Reduced: $11.24

This is a package put together specifically for a fun blog hop with Heartfelt Creations using products from both companies.  This Spring Pink Speciality package includes:

Cryogen White x3
Heavenly White 80#
Heavenly White 120#
Bright White x 2 Copic blending comparible to Copic Xpress but less expensive!
Sweet Tooth  100#
Epic Black 100#
Cotton Candy 100#
Silver Laser Lustre text weight
Silver  Laser Glossy Lustre
Retro Silver Lustre
Gold Sparkle
Coral Mica/Metallic
Cream Grandee
Parchment White
Gold Iridescent Vellum
Solar White Linen (amazing with spray inks, only cardstock I use with spray inks)

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 Mini Sparkle Cardstock Package
Price: $4.59 - $11.89
Reduced: $4.13 - $10.70

2 sheets of all 6 colors available (the white is no longer available)92# .

Malmero Perlé is a quality matte paper with a delicate, dusting of glitter throughout the finish on both sides. This glitter appearance is very subtle and less visible on the lighter colors. This fine paper has a smooth touch and natural matte surface.

This paper is perfect for digital printing and coloring with copic markers. It prints beautifully but....the sparkle still shows thru, it is amazing!!!

See an example here

Laser and ink jet compatible

12 x 12 sheets count as 3 sheets each for shipping


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[ 683 ] Items